My name is Aneisa Calder. I am a married, twenty-three year old animal addict. I am a mother to five beautiful fur babies! 

Two cats, named Rosco and Max. Then three dogs, a doberman named Grace, a blue tick coonhound named duke, and a little yorkie named daisy. To be honest, if I could have about 50 more animals, I think I would still want more! 

Food is my life and if I could eat pizza and tacos everyday, I would! I am obsessed with fuzzy socks, I have about 20 pairs of them. I love staying fit not only for my health but so I can keep up with my job! I love being adventurous and finding new and exciting places. Being outdoors is what gives me life and inspiration. I want to see every corner of the world and hike every mountain. 

I love spending nights with my hubby cuddled up with our pups while watching funny shows and movies. Brooklyn 99 gives me life, Parks and Rec makes me pee myself from laughter every time, and don’t even get me started with New girl! When we aren't inside, we are out hiking the Utah mountains (where we live) and being active with our pups. 

I have been doing photography professionally for about four years now. You may wonder why I do what I do, that's why you're reading this isn't it? The answer is simple and a little cheesy. I love love. I love capturing those real and raw moments between two humans. I love watching others celebrate and support two humans in love. I want to be a part of the laughing, the crying, the cuddling, and I want to capture those nitty gritty moments that really happen when two humans decide to become one. 

I want to get weird, I want to be real with you, I want to get crazy with you, I just want to show what makes you who you are. 

Check out what I love most below!