Josh + Nicole's Laundry Mat Session

Josh and Nicole are really good friends of my hubby and I! Josh and my husband have been friends since high school and have always kept touch. Then a little over a year ago I was lucky enough to capture Josh and Nicoles wedding day.

For their anniversary we had to do something a little different and went to a local Salt Lake City laundry mat. We played around in the carts that are used for pushing laundry around and played a little patty cake in between some laundry machines. It was so fun and different! I am definitely obsessed with these two and these images! Whenever we get together I know these hooligans are going to do some crazy shenanigans. 

Not only do these two crack me up, they are so perfect for each other. Their personalities balance each other out perfectly. Though they are both pretty goofy, Josh always makes sure he impresses with his mad skills and is the life of the show. This time he impressed me with his squatting skills while Nicole was on his shoulders. Nicole is the calmer one out of the two. She is the one that is always making sure they are looking good and she does such a great job! She is always happy and fun to be around. 

Afterwards we walked the street of Salt Lake to find a place to have some lunch where we sat and caught up about each others lives! It was so great catching up with these two and capturing their happiness. They still act as if they just started dating and madly in love. You can feel their love in the photos! I was so excited to blog them. You can't help but smile at their happiness. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do because these two are seriously so darn cute! 

Aneisa Calder