Chris + Mylee Snowy Mountain Session with their pups

You will always hear photographers say, "When couples ask if they can bring their dogs, the answer is always YES!" and it's so true! When Mylee asked me if it were ok if they brought their fur babies, I was over the moon excited! Not only do I have puppies of my own, I also have an obsession with all creatures, especially dogs. When in public, it takes all my will power in order to not pet a strangers dog. 

When Chris and Mylee pulled up with their two pups, I was able to give them all the loves! They have the cutest doggies, Winnie is a boxer and Blue is a Boston terrier. They were so excited to go on a car ride into the mountains and spend some time running around.

We spent the whole car ride catching up and talking about life. I knew Mylee growing up as well as went to school with Chris's younger brother! They started dating after Chris came home from his mission and have now been married for almost 4 years! They have such a cute relationship, I loved hearing their story while we drove to our destination. 

Even though it was pretty windy and cold up in the pines that surrounded us, we had so much fun dancing and running around! Chris kept making us laugh with the goofy faces he made. Mylee has THE CUTEST smile and laugh, it was so contagious! Their outfits were so cute and they were down for anything. The puppies loved getting a lot of the attention and the treats when they behaved for the photos! 

Not only was it fun spending the afternoon with these two lovers, it was very refreshing to be out in the mountains with such amazing weather! We definitely lucked out! 

Aneisa Calder