Bonneville Salt Flats First Look

When the wind is blowing what feels like 100MPH, you work it like these two did! This shoot was a dream and I am so obsessed with it!

Brandi and Morgan decided to do their first look at the famous Bonneville Salt Flats located in Utah. It is one of my favorite places to do photos at. Not only is it so fun and versatile of a location, it’s beyond gorgeous and offers so many different things. You always do risk the chance of it being beyond windy, which it was for this shoot. But I am a sucker for wind blown hair!

I helped Brandi get in to her beautiful dress in the rest stop bathroom. We then walked a ways out into the flats where Morgan was waiting to see her for the first time. I loved his sweet reaction when he saw how beautiful she was. Like for real, she belongs in magazines!

We spent the rest of the session walking around the flats and getting the most gorgeous photos ever! They were actually featured on Wandering Weddings!

Aneisa Calder