Steven + Stephanie Glory Bowl Engagements

Talk about the hike of a lifetime! I am as adventurous as the next person but when the hike is an hour long up the side of a mountain, directly up, I might just have to spend a few weeks preparing at the gym because who likes cardio. Just kidding, I will do everything and ANYTHING for my couples! This hike up Glory Bowl, Victor Idaho, was sooo worth the sore legs the next day! Steven and Stephanie are such a cute and fun couple and I am so glad we added the extra day to their wedding adventures for a quick couples session with killer views! Not to mention their puppy did the hike like a champ! They also had some really awesome friends join us as we hiked.
When we got to the top of our destination, Steph changed into a beautiful dress and we took some beautiful photos with the Smokey mountains in the background. Not the actual smokey mountains, but they were smokey from all the wild fires that were around!

Aneisa Calder