Dan + Holly New York City Elopement

WOW! New York City! It was so exciting to get to New York city for the first time ever, and being there was all because of a job I LOVE. Watching Holly and Dan elope in the big city was so amazing! They are from the UK and decided to come to New York for a stress free elopement. Holly had the cutest details to represent back home. She had two little charms on her shoes that had the initials of her and Dan's two kids. Also, on the back of her kicks, she had the date of their wedding embroidered. 

Holly and Dan thought it was just going to be me and them for their wedding, but the day of, their really good friends surprised them while she was getting ready! Holly's parents were sad they weren't able to attend, so they bought plane tickets for their closest friends to go witness the wedding. 

They got ready in the fanciest hotel I've ever seen, then we hopped into a cab and drove to the Brooklyn City Clerks Office. With their two best friends as witnesses, they said their I do's and they were married! After that, we explored the more popular tourist attractions that Brooklyn has to offer. It was so cold that Holly decided to bring along some sweat pants to wear under the dress in between photos. At one point I felt like paparazzi stalking a celebrity couple! Not only did we take photos above ground, we also explored the subway. It was fun doing something a little different. We then ended the night during happy hour at a popular bar and restaurant! This elopement was perfect, to say the least. I can't wait to go back to New York next year! Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Bliss! If you want to see how Holly planned this New York Elopement, check out her blog HERE!