Ryan + Patrick Forest Engagements

I always feel so lucky when I meet clients that I just click with! I met Ryan and Patrick last year in the summer time, when Ryan asked to capture him proposing to Patrick during the lantern festival! I was so excited, and acting like I was only there for them to “model” for me so I could build my portfolio was too fun! I am not very good at keeping secrets sometimes. I tend to accidentally bring it up without realizing it and immediately put my foot in my mouth haha!

After a few months, these two were back in contact and planning their wedding in June! I remember them telling me during the consultation that they didn’t care what they had to do, but they needed me as their photographer since they were so comfortable with me, and that made me feel so damn good!

Not only are these two such sweet people, they are so much fun to hang out with. Right when we started their engagements, Patrick was being so cute and playful towards Ryan. That ended quickly when he shoved him into the snow multiple times! I was laughing so hard I pretty much peed myself.

Not only was the session so much fun, the location was to die for. I love finding unique places where most people don’t go so the session can be more intimate and we can get down and dirty! I am obsessed with these two and their engagements, I hope you are too!

Aneisa Calder