Stephanie + Steven Rustic Victor Idaho Wedding

There are so many things I can say about this amazing wedding! The Stephanie literally did EVERYTHING! She made the invites, she made all the flower arrangements, she created all the small and big details of the day! She thoughtfully planned everything, and it was all executed by all of her loving friends and family. They decided on getting married at the secluded Moose Creek Ranch in Victor Idaho. But before the actual ceremony, we drove off to Schwabachers landing in Wyoming to have a secret vow and gift exchange in front of only really close friends and family. After that, we went to Mormon row to capture the grand Tetons in the background. The emotion throughout the whole day was just spectacular! So much love and happiness filled the whole day. The love that was put into this wedding was unbelievable. After the ceremony the evening was finished with speeches, great food, and a whole lot of dancing! I am so lucky and so honored I was able to capture their wedding. It was seriously a dream come true!