Lars + Katie Virginia Bed and Breakfast Wedding

He was a humble man from Germany and she was a small town Ohio girl that so happened to meet because they swiped right. This wedding was a dream and everything a girl could ever want. The adorable bed and breakfast was located right in the middle of Virginia's amazing rolling green hills. If you ever have a chance to go to Orange, Virginia, please do. It is a small but beautiful place to visit! People are so friend and the rolling green hills last forever!

People came to watch these two lovers get married from all over the world. Before the ceremony began, and everyone was to get ready, Lars and Katie exchanged heartfelt gifts. it was so sweet!

Katie then went out to meet her father before he walked her down the isle. His reaction to seeing her in her gorgeous dress was a tear jerker.

When being walked down the isle, people couldn't help but notice the giant spider hanging around in her dress. Luckily her amazing sister came to the rescue and shook out the eight legged friend. After the emotional ceremony, the couple preformed a traditional German log cutting. Then the party began! You’ll see a familiar face near the end of the photos (me). We had a little too much fun! I was so honored to be a part of their amazing and unique day. These two then journeyed to Germany to get married the German way! It was the perfect way to have both cultures represented!

Aneisa CalderComment