Capitol Reef National Park Engagements


Okay let’s talk about Capitol Reef National Park for a minute. It is one of the most underrated National Park. I had done an elopement last year at this park and I was instantly hooked and in love. I am already obsessed with anything red rock, but ad amazing rock formations and beautiful people, it makes it ten times better! I was so happy to visit Torrey, Utah again. I love the small town and small town people. They are all so friendly and the food is always great!

When Jeannie first emailed me, we both instantly clicked! Her and Cody have spent the last 6 years of their relationship exploring every single National Park in Utah. They chose Capitol Reef because they have yet to go there and they thought it would be perfect for their engagements. I totally agree!! This place is so damn beautiful and has so many gorgeous places to explore. Before this particular trip, Cody proposed to Jeannie while on their trip in Belize. How amazing is that? I’d probably shit my pants with happiness if I were proposed to in a beautiful foreign country while the sun set!

While exploring and getting ready for their session, I came across a lady who needed a ride to a certain spot of the park because she had students waiting for her to backpack around the park. I instantly asked her if she was going to murder me ( if you are a murderino, you will understand). She was taken a back and said of course not! I replied that that’s what a murderer would say. After she promised I let her in my car and drove her down the road to her group, the whole time thinking shit I am going to get murder. Well she kept her promise and didn’t murder me, that was a relief. I told her to stay sexy and don’t get murdered (if you don’t know that reference please email me and I'll change your life forever).

…anyway, this place is so damn beautiful and has so many gorgeous places to explore. So like usual, we met up, they hopped in my car and all can say is, this session was PERFECT. We laughed so hard, we goofed around, I captured the REAL parts of Cody and Jeannie’s love. Watching them interact so naturally was amazing. They loved every spot that I planned for and the weather was on point. It was supposed to rain that day but it only sprinkled, which I never have a problem with a sexy rain shoot ;). The bottom line is, I loved spending time with these two in one of my favorite locations! Congrats to them on their engagement!