Cassidy and Coleman's Grassy Field First Look


Ireland Inspired Bridal Photos - Antelope Island

First looks. I love them. As much as I love seeing someone react as their love walks down the aisle in their gorgeous attire, first looks are so amazing. It’s still a newer trend that are mainly done by LDS couples, due to ceremony being held in the temple, where pictures aren’t allowed. Why else do I love first looks? It’s such an amazing and intimate thing you get to do with your lover. Opposed to feeling rushed to get ready for the ceremony, getting married, then right into family photos. First looks are a relaxing and fun shoot that you get to enjoy each other while looking amazing!

With this horrible Bi-polar weather, we decided to go to Antelope Island, where the rain decided to stay away until we were done. MAGICAL! With the cloud coverage, the lighting was perfect. Cassidy looked STUNNING in her dress from Fantasy Bridal. And HELLO Jimmy’s floral with this amazing bouquet!

I love their romantic love story (no sarcasm)… Cassidy and Coleman met online. Coleman lived in Arizona while Cassidy was here in Utah. They did the long distance thing until Coleman couldn’t take it anymore! He moved to Utah so he could spend his life with the love of his life. How cute is that? Nothing more romantic than someone moving for love. Just look at his reaction when he sees her in the dress! He was crying before she even walked up to him!

We then explored the desert island and laughed way too much. These two are so fun and I can’t wait for their wedding in a few days!

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