Cassidy + Coleman Salt Lake Temple Wedding


Wedding season has officially begun! I kicked off my first Utah wedding with Cassidy and Coleman at the Salt Lake City Temple. The day before, the church made a huge announcement that they were closing ALL of temple square for about 4 years to do some major renovations! The Salt Lake Temple is one of the biggest and busiest temples in all of Utah! That temple is pumping out at least 100 weddings a day during the summer, so this renovations is going to affect a lot of people! Luckily, Utah has about 17 (and counting) operating temples, so there are plenty of alternatives for brides.

Since they made that announcement, KUTV2 was there to talk to a few brides to ask them how they think it will affect future brides based off of their whole wedding experience. One of those brides they interviewed was CASSIDY!! They got a nice video of her and Coleman exiting the temple to greet their family. You can see me capturing them as they came out and I got a little excited haha!

After they came out, we did the traditional family photos on the stairs and some gorgeous portraits around the temple.

The temple grounds are gorgeous and filled with beautiful flowers and trees. I am excited to see the changes they make, and hopefully they change a few things about the wedding process to something smoother and less hectic. Temple wedding can be so fun, but at the salt lake temple, it’s a bit of a logistical nightmare.

We were lucky and got the stairs without waiting and it was smooth sailing from there! Love these two and I am so happy I got to capture this part of their marriage!

Aneisa CalderComment