Mike + Ebony Brooklyn New York Elopements


New York City Elopement

About a month ago, once again, I got to go to New York City and explore it’s land of Skyscrapers and endless sources of food! The last time I was in Brooklyn, it was beyond freezing! Could barely stand how cold it was. So I was more than thrilled when there was only slight rain and much warmer weather.

Ebony and Mike came from the UK to elopement in New York. They found me through a past client and I LOVE referrals! They have been together for many years and have some beautiful daughters that were waiting back in London. We woke up early so we could be one of the first couples there, which wasn’t the case on a Friday! We patiently waited for our number to be called. As we waited, I got to know Mike and Ebony and they are some of the funniest people I have ever met! I loved talking to them about the differences between the UK and the US.

We waited for about an hour, before we discovered that we weren’t even on the waiting list!! It all ended up working out, because once they sealed the deal, the rain had let up just enough for us to walk around the city and take amazing photos!

The amount of fun we had was amazing! First we stopped at a burger joint to enjoy some delicious burgers because we were so hungry from waiting! These two were so fun and were so natural in front of the camera! When people tell me that they aren’t photogenic or are super awkward in front of the camera, I love proving them wrong and showing them how fun it is when you have the right photographer! Near the end, we found a colorful wall around DUMBO where Mike and Ebony exploded a bottle of champagne and toasted their sealed marriage!

I love elopements, and theirs was amazing! There is something about eloping in New York City that I love so much! I cannot wait to back to NYC for more weddings this year!