Lauren + John Mountain Lake Engagements


Utah Mountain Engagements

Memorial weekend! What a busy time of year! Everyone is out camping and enjoying the warm weather. Or shouldn’t we be?? Utah has been a whirlwind of ups and downs, more than usual! From what I can remember, the latest it had ever snowed was late April, but not this year. It’s been snowing in the month of May and that is definitely unheard of! It kinda puts a damper on those who are excited to head to the mountains and explore it’s green glory and abundance of wild flowers! Luckily, Lauren and John made this session work. We meet up in the early hours ( and I mean EARLY ) to meet at this location! I LOVE going to places that are hardly explored! This place provided everything, gorgeous pines, beautiful fields, and a lake to top it all off! It was still cold, but so worth the drive! We saw plenty of deer and even elk.

We had so much fun and I love when my couples are being their true selves!!

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