Engagements in the Utah Mountains


Summer is finally here and all I can say is I am dead over all of the green in the mountains! This year has certainly been so crazy with the snowing JUNE! Can you believe that?! Here in Utah, we can never understand the crazy weather we receive each and every year. Now that it’s warmer and pretty much all the snow is gone, all the favorite spots for photographers to take over are now green and gorgeous! Big Cottonwood canyon is one of these spots. Every weekend evening, you will find photographers galore, with their clients taking photos. Can you blame them? This location is so easy to get to, so gorgeous, and provides so much variety!

I met up with Val and Ben in cottonwood canyon and we pretty much had the place to ourselves, thank you Wednesday! Aren’t they so good lookin?? They are both body builders and you can tell! You can just feel the laughter throughout this session! I definitely laughed way too hard at how Val cringed when she knew Ben was going to kiss her neck!

As the session went on, these two were changing into outfit No. 2, I heard a rustle in the brush. Now I know this location is known to have a big bull moose roaming around, so I was extra vigilant to make sure not only was my couple safe, but that we did not disturb him in his home. It was nothing to worry, because a cute Jackrabbit decided to grace us with his presence! Everything was good to go, until I actually DID see mr. moose, just chillin and eating away and the fresh green wild grass. We let him be and went a safe distance so we could finish the session. It was amazing to say the least!