Sunset in the Mountains


Mountain Engagement Photos

My favorite place in the world, during the summer, is the Utah mountains. They are so green and full of life during this time of year! Even more since the weather has been giving us all grief.

This session was particularly special. I had asked Kevyn and Cody to model for me so that I could have a videographer take video of me. This video is going to be a promo video (hopefully done soon) so everyone can see what Calder Photography is all about. What I am all about. How photography should be.

I work hard for my clients to give them the best experience possible. Whether it’s for their wedding or just a session for each other. Once you are my client, I give you my all.

You can expect to laugh your ass off. To get so intimate with one another, you forget I am there. That is what I work and live for! That’s what if felt like during this session. Yes it was a little awkward with another person taking video, but we had so much fun regardless! We trekked through the Utah mountains as the sun was playing with the peak, and had a great time! We then went to a location where there were mountain views for days! I love couples sessions like these. Where the location is perfect and the couple is amazing. I cannot wait to go here again!