Bonneville Salt Flats First Look


There are a few places in Utah that I think are a must see no matter what! The Bonneville Salt Flats is one of them! It is absolutely stunning and out of this world. The Salt Flats are just that, a flat of hard salt. You wouldn’t think that it would be one of the biggest locations for photography! The mountains that frame the flats, provide the most majestic scenery, especially when the sun goes down. The colors at sunset are so unreal.

They are a far drive but so worth it. That’s what Lauren and John thought as well! We met up at the Salt Flats for their first look. John dressed in his uniform from the National Guard and Lauren had the most amazing dress! They both looked so stunning together and in such an incredible location. Lauren could not keep her eyes off her uniformed man.

I will forever be obsessed with these two and the Salt Flats!

Utah Bonneville Salt Flats Wedding