Your love is truly epic and one of a kind.

It's a story you will be telling future generations for years to come. It's real, it's raw, and I want to tell it. 

Being in front of the camera is hard, being yourself shouldn't be. What I do isn't just business and money, you are trusting me to capure the most real and intimate part of your life.
I live to tell your story and I want to be a part of it.

Besides the important family photos shots, I am not your typical photographer. I don't tell you how to react or how to fake it. I love the untraditional, the adventurers, the wild at heart lovers.
We will get down and dirty, we will laugh, we will hav fun, we will show your love for what it truly is.
I am not the typical photography, I am your friend, along for the ride.

I want to capture the moments you look back on and see that a single photo can tell a story. I want you to remember what you were feeling in that one moment with the love of your life.

I am ready to tell your story, are you ready for an adventure?



Elopements and Intimate Weddings START at $1700

Wedding packages START at $2700 

(most wedding packages include travel)

International Wedding START at $4000

Portrait sessions START at $400

For full pricing please email me through my contact page!


Prices are subject to change



Man do I love to travel and see new places and meet new people! I want to experience it all and adventure with you! 
If your dream shoot/wedding day matches up with any of these, lets make it happen!
There are no places too small or places to far that I wouldn't love to go to. 

Preferred Qualifications but NOT limited to :
intimate + adventurous wedding
50 or less people present is preferred (email me for more people)
can be anniversary, engagement, formal, or any love session
must be down for a good time:





New Zealand





Bannff, Alberta

Joshua Tree, Ca

Big Sur, Ca

Mt. Hood




if you and your love are planning something unique, intimate and adventurous, but your dream location isn’t on this list, please contact me!
I want to see every corner of the world I can, and would love to do it with you.

For Photographers


As I started my journey as a photographer, there were so many questions I had that I wish could've been answered sooner .. I wish I had someone to show me the ins and outs of this industry and that there was more to it than just taking beautiful photos and being creative. Not only are you a photographer, you are also an accountant, a blogger, a marketer, and most importantly, a friend to your couples. All of these are important to a successful business. That is why I am here! I love teaching and I love photography, and I love photography mentoring. I want to help others find themselves in this huge photography world. I will be offering one-on-one photography mentoring sessions! Yay! This will be so huge for those trying to find themselves.

I am an open book. we will go to breakfast/lunch and we will have a full Q+A photography mentoring session a stylized couples session where I take the lead and show you how to get real emotion and real laughs from your couple. I'll give you editing tips and tricks to get the images looking they way you want. Full Portfolio and website review as well as how to stand out in such a saturated industry. best of all, a really good time and making new friends!!

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